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Isco Medium Pressure Liquid Chromatography Systems for Automated Purification of Compounds

One of Three Automated Oligosaccharide Synthesis Platforms with Computer Controls

Solvent Purification System

Photoreactor to Carry Out Light-mediated Reactions

Agilent High Pressure Liquid Chromatography System for Automated Purification of Compounds. An alternate-pump recycling HPLC system allows even better purification of carbohydrates.

Zach, Keevan and Ravi along with Matteo and Scott from Prof. Alexei Demchenko's labs learn to use the new Mosquito system for automated high throughput reaction screening on October 18, 2016.

H-CubeĀ® Continuous-flow Hydrogenation Reactor

The labs are set up to do molecular biology, protein expression, and protein purification work, too.

The lab, with the help of an excellent machine shop, also has a variety of equipment to carry out reactions in flow rather than in batch.